cropped-jen-mark-j-in-kauai-2016.jpgThanks for stopping by, I’m Jen, and I’m a Curious Discoverer.

I’m into personal development and introspection, reading (documentaries, love stories and strategy / planning) as well as high heel shoes, too many pillows, Mexican food, cream soda Slurpees, movies that make me think, homemade popcorn, and my Siberian Husky puppies [who are still learning about the value of personal space]. Mostly though, I’m into the two most spectacular human beings I’ve ever met – Mike and Sara…the loves of my life – they are the reason I work too hard, but also sometimes not hard enough. They keep me grounded, motivated and inspired to give my best and highest effort. Always.

I’m on a self-discovery journey…in life and in love, and day-by-day, I am becoming the best version of my Future Self. My HOPE is to learn and grow in all aspects of life…to explore and become aware of what I don’t currently know – people, places, things…I remain driven to Learn | Grow | Evolve. and to LOVE, fiercely.

It is my pleasure to invite you to follow my weekly BLOG for insights and revelations as I progress through this Master Key Experience. I appreciate your support and welcome your comments, questions and likes.

I’m so Grate-Ful that you’re joining me on this journey, and for sharing the love if you see value in it.

Have a HAPPY day,